Bankroll Building for $3.50 SNG 6 Hypers – from $150 to $350 playing $1.50 Hypers

Well after making the move back down to the $1.5’s, I had to come up with some new goals and decided on setting a huge goal for myself, you can read more about it here at the Las Vegas Poker Challenge page so this challenge here is effectively a challenge within a challenge but I think it deserves it’s own page, I am believing in myself that I can archive this moving up in stakes within less then 2 months, we’ll see…

This challenge has started on May 21 2013 the day I have deposited hopefully for the last time ever into my Pokerstars account to have a bankroll of exactly $150 (100 Buy-ins for the $1.50 SNG Hypers)



Today is June the 22nd 2013 and I made it 🙂 I can now take a shot at the 3.5s (if I would drop below $250 I would have to move back down to the 1.5 SNGs)…. will update this post more another day, too lazy now (doing the master cleanse lol)..

Here are the screenies:


Thanks to the bonusses!! Will need to improve my game a lot still….