Poker Challenge #7 – 400x $3.50 SNG 6 Hyper

As promised in my last Poker Challenge I will post here a “cool” graph and stay away from too much manual tracking as I had done before. For my poker challenge tracking I went ahead and bought Pokertracker 4 with a little discount, thanks Gethen! Turns out the graph isn’t that cool after all, but see for yourself:

SNG Poker Challenge 7

The graph kind of speaks for itself, I played 400x $3.50 SNG 6 Max. (for $1400 total) in 4 days and lost $172.92, to wrap it up: “I f****d up”. Luckily I was unlocking a bunch of $10 bonusses along the way (Sign-up bonusses from Pokerstars, FPP’s and Stellar Rewards), basically the more you play the more you get rakeback and stuff, so yeah it didn’t hurt as much as $170 but still quite! I have no real explanation what happened at around game 160 or so but I took a massive downswing, the further I went down the more I panicked and the more bad beats I saw the more I acted on them on other tables, example seeing my AA cracked on table 1 would push my QJ offsuit all in on table 2 and so forth, yes I REALLY need to work on this sucky tilt behavior, if I can control the tilt I believe I can control the game enough to be a long term winner (plus add plenty of studies because I do have a whole lot of other leaks in my game too!).

Long story short, I don’t think I am ready for the $3.5’s after all, I will have to take the painful step down back to the $1.5 level, but I just know that this is really the smartest way, reloading my bankroll and burning another $170 is not the way. If I can beat those $1.5’s and manage to get a bankroll of around 100 buy-ins for the $3.5 level ($350), I shall return but this might be a few months down the road, grrrrr….

So yeah that sounds like a good next challenge for SomeBull: turn $150 at the $1.5 Hypers into $350 for the $3.5 Hypers, I will sleep over it and start tomorrow with a new challenge…