Turn $150 into a $15,000 Las Vegas Vacation using Online Poker

I am trying to turn $150 into $15,000 and have myself a great Las Vegas Vacation and spend time at the Live Poker Tables with the money from this challenge, I love the trash talk, live tourneys and party, Vegas got plenty of all that so yeah that’s where I wanna be until I bust my bankroll hehe :D.

I am not sure if I have set myself here a realistic goal for a beginner but I really believe in myself and think with loads of studies, volume, Gethen my coach (thanks man!!), good bankroll management and tilt control I can pull this off, I have no idea how long it will take me and I am not looking to set a date on this challenge but it likely will take a loooooong time to get there but I need to have a big goal like this to keep myself focussed…

Anyways on May 21 2013 I have deposited hopefully for the last time ever into my Pokerstars account $149.20 (I still had $0.80 left lol) which is the exact amount I needed to have a safe bankroll of 100 Buy-ins for the $1.50 6 max. Hyper Games (let’s start at the very bottom), the plan is to slowly but surely increase my volume, skills and move up in the levels step by step but likely not moving higher then the $15 Hypers (if ever I make it that far!), the next challenge within the challenge is to move to the .5 SNG games and for that I will need to have $350 (again 100 Buy-ins).

BTW the frequent player points I will collect along this challenge will be used to play in satellites for online tourneys like the sunday storm which I quite like, for that I have done a seperate poker satellite challenge.


1st Milestone taken 22nd June 2013, I am moving up to the 3.5 Hypers tonight 🙂

1.5s-may-june screenshot_243


2nd Milestone reached:



all-time-3.5s-3.8.2013 challenge-all-time-1.5s-and-3.5s


Too lazy to talk much about here on my blog, but I am very active at 2+2 now…